What is a Keyword in SEO?

In this article, you will learn what is a keyword in SEO.

A keyword is an essential element in computer programming and Internet protocol. It can mean very different things according to the context; a programming keyword is very different from a keyword used in managing search engine functions. It can be helpful to understand what keywords are and how they work when creating a website or programming.

What is a Keyword in SEO?

In computer programming usage, keywords are used in a variety of computer languages. They are often pre-defined phrases or words that activate a particular function or behavior. Sometimes keywords in this context are also called reserve words, which means that they cannot be used in the programming language for anything other than their intended purposes, such as user-defined names or files. Some programming languages include keywords that actually have no function in the current version, but are reserved for incorporation in later versions. COBOL and C languages are examples of languages that use keywords.

In the environment of the Internet, a keyword is a completely different concept. When using an Internet search tool, the user typically types in a word or phrase to search for. The search engine returns a list of websites containing that word or phrase, often ranked by the number of times the word is used on the web page. The word or phrase that matches the search results is called a "keyword".

Correct and complete use of keywords is one of the main ways websites build traffic. People are generally much more likely to click on the first websites that appear on a results page, so making sure a website stays on top is vital to its popularity. The process of finding keywords or phrases that will rank a page at the top of a search engine results page is known as search engine optimization or SEO.

Picking the right keywords for a website means understanding the search habits of the general public. When creating a website around a certain topic, it is important to consider how people search for information on that topic. There are SEO tools that can perform statistical analysis of how often people search for a term, but choosing keywords is largely a matter of common sense. Short tail keywords are generally preferable to long tail keywords, while common phrases may be more common than specific terms. For example, in a website dedicated to WordPress, a simple keyword such as "WordPress" will be searched more often and therefore may be a better keyword than terms such as "best WordPress hosting Convesio" or "best free WordPress plugins".

On the internet, keywords can also be used to define the advertising of a web page or website. Many advertising programs like Ezoic and AdSense link the ads displayed to the keywords of a website. For example, a website that has all of its keywords related to search engine optimization will likely have ads related to SEO tools, local SEO services, or SEO copywriting agencies. This is why you should be wary of keywords that have a double or alternative meaning; a website about computer security that uses spam as its main keyword may end up with ads for potted and canned meat, instead of antivirus programs.

This was an overview of what is a keyword in SEO, and I hope you enjoyed it.

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