Mangools SEO Tools Review: Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

If you're searching for a complete Mangools SEO tools review, then you'll find it here.

I've been using Mangools for over five years now and I continue to rely on it to analyze and improve my website's SEO.

Below, you'll find a full Mangools SEO tools review to help you make the best possible decision about purchasing this digital marketing tool. Through the details on this page, you'll get an in-depth look at Mangools' features, price, and pros and cons to compare it with other SEO software you're considering.

The ultimate goal is to provide you with the most detailed and reliable Mangools review you can find on the Internet so you can decide once and for all whether or not the Mangools SEO tool suite is worth it for your needs.

And if you decide to invest in these tools, you can try Mangools for FREE here.

Mangools SEO Tools Review: features, pricing, pros and cons

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Mangools SEO Tools Review

This review will cover the main features of the 5 main applications in the Mangools SEO tools, namely KWFinder, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, SERPChecker, and SiteProfiler. But before we dive into the software details, let's first look at what Mangools is and what it can do for you.

What Is Mangools SEO Tool?

Mangools is a set of SEO tools suitable for bloggers, affiliate marketers, freelancers, small and medium-sized businesses, and SEO agencies. Mangools contains tools for keyword research, link building, SERP analysis, rank tracking, and competitor website analysis.

What Does Mangools Do?

Mangools SEO performs your keyword research, website rank tracking, finds backlinking opportunities, reports on any website's SEO metrics, analyzes the keyword strategy used by your competitors, checks the SERPs, and much more. Mangools can perform the most important SEO tasks to develop a website or blog using search engine optimization.

Average Ratings for Mangools

Based on customer reviews, Mangools has received the following average ratings:

General: 4.8 stars
Ease of use: 4.7 stars
Customer Service: 4.7 stars

You can read sample customer reviews with both positive and negative comments towards the bottom of this Mangools SEO tools review.

Mangools Features and Benefits

Mangools is a set of SEO tools that are perfect for bloggers, affiliate marketers, small businesses, or SEO agencies. It is particularly popular because of its design and ease of use. Mangools features include keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and SERP analysis.

Mangools SEO Tool includes a keyword research tool that helps SEOs see competitor rankings for top keywords, and find keyword ideas with historical search volumes and trends. It includes search results for over 50,000 locations, allowing marketers to optimize their website content accordingly and get more organic traffic.

Marketers can use the SERP analysis tool to see how difficult it is to rank on the first page with a detailed overview of SERPs with authority metrics and SERP features that influence click-through rates.

The rank tracker comes with daily rankings, aggregated metrics that show overall progress, and interactive and shareable ranking reports.

Backlink analysis can be performed via their other tool that calculates link strength, categorizes backlinks, and displays a website overview to assess the potential of referring websites.

If you don't want to use the web applications, there is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that uses key data from the tools.


KWFinder is a keyword research tool designed for search engine marketing. With this tool, you can quickly find suggestions for keywords to target on your website for new content or to update existing content with more relevant search terms.

Below is a general overview of KWFinder, but you can read my full review of KWFinder here. You can also try KWFinder for FREE here to test it for yourself.

Mangools SEO Tools Review: features, pricing, pros and cons


SERPWatcher is a rank tracking tool that allows you to track the overall progress of your website's ranking positions in the SERPs for individual keywords. It also provides other important data to help you measure the impact of your SEO efforts.

You can try SERPWatcher for FREE here.

Mangools SEO Tools Review: features, pricing, pros and cons

The main features of Mangools SERPWatcher are as follows:

- Keyword: This is the term you are tracking.
- Rank: This is the actual daily ranking for the keyword.
- Average Position: This is the average ranking position of the keyword you are tracking based on the selected time period.
- Top Position: This shows the top ranking position for the keyword.
- Search Volume: This displays the estimated monthly search volume for the keyword.
- EV: This shows the potential organic search traffic collected from the tracked keyword based on the ranking position.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you want to track keyword rankings for both desktop and mobile searches, then you'll need to set up each report separately. SERPWatcher by default does not track the two types of search positions.

Other good features of the SERPWatcher dashboard include:

- A button to switch between desktop and mobile rankings.

- A time period selector for today, last 7 days, last 30 days, last 90 days, full history, or custom dates.

- The Performance Index (PI) shows how your website ranks in Google SERPs based on the keywords tracked. The PI scale ranges from 0 to 100, with higher numbers indicating better overall ranking performance.

- Boxes for winners and losers so you can quickly see which keywords are getting the best and worst results each day in the SERPs.

- A keyword position flow and distribution section that represents the number of keywords in the tracker that have increased, decreased, or remained unchanged.

One of my favorite features of Mangools SERPWatcher is that you can tag keywords in the keyword table to filter them based on the tag. This is a great feature for sorting your keywords into categories so you don't have to scroll through the entire list to find certain types of keywords or search terms that belong to a specific topic.

What's also great about SERPWatcher if you're a freelancer or SEO agency is that you can share tracking reports with your clients without having to give them access credentials. By clicking the "Share Tracking" button, you'll get a link to share with others that includes an interactive report where they can see the keyword data and dashboard insights without being able to make any changes.


LinkMiner is a backlink analysis tool that helps you find your competitors' backlinks so you can try to replicate them.

Below are the highlights of this tool. You can try LinkMiner for Free here.

Mangools SEO Tools Review: features, pricing, pros and cons

One of the main features of Mangools LinkMiner is that the backlink database is based on Majestic's fresh and historical indexes which contain over 2 trillion crawled URLs. So you can get cheap access to expensive SEO link data by investing in LinkMiner instead of Majestic.

When you search for a domain or URL in LinkMiner, you can switch between the following link reports:

- All reported links in the database.
- New links from the last 30 days.
- Lost links that have been deleted by the link site owner.

For each backlink that is reported in the dashboard, you can analyze the following SEO metrics:

- Citation Flow: This link strength metric is based on the number of inbound links to that backlink URL on a scale of 1 to 100.

- Trust Flow: This link strength metric is based on the quality of inbound links to the backlink URL on a scale of 1 to 100.

- Referrer IP: Indicates the number of different referrer IP addresses pointing to the backlink page.

- Referring Domains: This shows the number of referring domains pointing to the backlink page.

- Total Backlinks: This displays the total number of backlinks based on Majestic's Fresh Index.

Other important LinkMiner features that allow you to perform a more efficient and faster backlink analysis include:

- Filter to reduce backlinks to a set of preferences, such as minimum or maximum link strength, citation flow, trust flow, and total external links.

- Website preview feature loads the link page into a display pane and automatically scrolls down to the backlink and highlights the anchor text so you can evaluate it for off-page SEO purposes.

- Favorites feature that allows you to save selected backlink opportunities that you can try to get in a future link building campaign.

Overall, LinkMiner has the key SEO parameters you need to perform a quick backlink analysis. The option to narrow down the list of links to dofollow vs nofollow links is also a good feature to find the best links that you can copy from your competitor's backlink profile.


SERPChecker is a SERP analysis tool that allows you to quickly analyze keyword SEO difficulty, link profile strength, Moz and Majestic scores, and social metrics of the top ranked URLs for a given keyword.

You can try SERPChecker for FREE here.

Mangools SEO Tools Review: features, pricing, pros and cons

Another great feature of SERPChecker is that you can instantly analyze Google SERPs without having to open a new web browser. Moreover, you can see the impact of different SERP features to know how Google displays the search results page to its users.

SERPChecker is an easy-to-use tool and does not require much training to understand how to analyze its dashboard data. Just enter a target keyword and view the results.

One of the main features of Mangools SERPChecker is the comparison box. With this feature, you can add your website's URL to quickly compare your SEO metrics with any competitor in Google's SERP to see where you stand.


SiteProfiler is a competitive analysis tool that provides key SEO metrics and information. You can enter the root domain or URL of any website and click the "Analyze Website" button to get a full SEO report.

You can try SiteProfiler for FREE here.

Mangools SEO Tools Review: features, pricing, pros and cons

SiteProfiler displays the following information for you to analyze:

- Overview: This gives an overview of domain authority, page authority, citation flow, trust flow, referring IPs, and Facebook shares.

- Backlinks: This table shows a graph with a trend of the total number of backlinks over the last 4 months as well as a pie chart with the ratio of dofollow vs nofollow links. It also shows the distribution of link types, the number of referring domains, IPs and subnets, anchor texts, etc.

- Top Content: This section shows the top website URLs in terms of the number of Facebook shares and referring domains.

- Competitors: This section shows the similar websites that the algorithm says are the top competitors of the analyzed domain or URL. You can quickly analyze any of these sites by clicking the "Analyze" button below its profile box.

As a Mangools subscriber, I don't use the SiteProfiler feature much. It's certainly useful for getting a quick overview of a competitor's website, but it's better to use KWFinder and LinkMiner to get the specific SEO data you need to guide your SEO strategies.

However, SiteProfiler is still a good tool to access when you want to get a quick overview of a domain to check its most important metrics.

Mangools Pricing

Mangools offers three pricing plans that can be billed in monthly installments or paid as an annual subscription to save 40% on the annual cost. Each plan includes the same Mangools features; however, there are limitations on the SEO data that can be analyzed, as shown in the table below.

Price Comparison Table

Mangools SEO Tools Review: features, pricing, pros and cons

Note: Prices were current at the time of writing this Mangools SEO article and are subject to change at any time. You may increase, decrease, or cancel your Mangools subscription at any time at no additional charge.

Mangools SEO Customer Support Options

Mangools SEO offers two customer support options:

- Live Chat: Accessible from the chat icon on any web page.
- Email: By sending an email to

Every time I've contacted the support team, I've received an immediate response or a follow-up email within 24 hours. With the exception of the rare occasion when I contacted Mangools on a holiday, the customer service team was very responsive to my questions.

Mangools Money Back Guarantee

Mangools offers a 48-hour refund policy. You can claim a refund by contacting the company at or via the live chat feature. I think this is a fair refund policy, as Mangools offers you a free trial to test the software for 10 full days before purchase. You can test Mangools for FREE here.

Mangools SEO Affiliate Program

One of the ways to earn back your monthly subscription to Mangools is to participate in their affiliate program. As a Mangools affiliate, you can earn 30% lifetime commissions by promoting Mangools SEO tools.

The great thing about Mangools affiliate program is that there is no approval process. You can create a free user account and start earning commissions right away. 

This affiliate feature of Mangools really sets it apart from other SEO tools on the market, as many of the major competitors, such as Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and Moz, do not have an affiliate program that allows customers to earn money by promoting a product they love and use to improve their websites.

Mangools Pros and Cons

Below is a list of the top pros and cons of the Mangools SEO tools. As a user of this SEO software, I have found these to be the most common pros and cons of the product.


- All-in-one SEO toolkit: Mangools has everything you need to create an effective SEO strategy for your website or blog. The 5 SEO tools it includes are a complete solution for most bloggers, affiliate marketers, niche website owners, small businesses, and SEO agencies.

- Affordable: Mangools is among the cheapest SEO tools on the market. It costs a third of the price of Ahrefs and a quarter of the price of Semrush, two of Mangools' main competitors.

- Excellent user interface: Mangools' user interface is simple and easy to use. Moreover, you can access most SEO features and data in 3 clicks or less.

- Powerful keyword research: Mangools KWFinder is one of the best keyword research tools on the market (although it has some limitations, as mentioned in the cons section below). You can search for related keywords, get auto-completion suggestions from Google, and find search queries based on questions. You can also analyze your competitors' URLs to find their top-ranked keywords to target on your own website.

- Strong rank tracking: Mangools SERPWatcher precisely tracks your keyword rankings on a daily basis and reports historical ranking positions.

- Good backlink analysis: Mangools LinkMiner is a quick way to analyze your competitors' backlinks so you can find new opportunities to build your own links based on their backlink profile. Includes dofollow vs nofollow link filters, Citation Flow, Trust Flow, Link Strength, and more.

- Quick SEO Analysis: Mangools lets you switch between each of the 5 applications quickly and easily to get the SEO data you need to make data-driven decisions for your website. For example, you can search for a keyword in KWFinder and click a button to bring up SERPChecker to analyze the top 10 ranked URLs without having to manually search Google.


- SEO apps are separate: Each of Mangools' 5 apps has its own URL instead of being grouped into one domain. This could be annoying for the user, but Mangools has implemented a top navigation menu bar to let you easily switch between the apps.

- Smaller link database: Mangools LinkMiner doesn't have a backlink database as large as Ahrefs or Semrush. It is also only updated a few times a year, as the cost of crawling the entire web is very high. However, the data LinkMiner includes is good enough for the typical blogger, affiliate marketer, or small business owner who isn't focused on building links day in and day out.

- Some keywords need manual refreshment: Mangools KWFinder does not calculate the Keyword Difficulty score for every keyword in its database on a daily basis. Processing the data for such a task would require you to pay a higher subscription fee. Therefore, some keyword suggestions have to be updated manually to get up-to-date Keyword Difficulty scores, which is not a big problem for most users.

- Basic plan limits can be used quickly: The basic plan is the cheapest option for the Mangools SEO suite; however, the data lookup limits can be used up quickly if you do a lot of daily SEO analysis. Fortunately, your quota is reset every 24 hours. But you might want to upgrade to the premium plan if you find the basic plan too limited.

- Best price requires an annual subscription: Mangools offers the best deal on its SEO software if you subscribe on an annual basis. You can save 40% on the monthly price by choosing this option. However, it would be nice if the fees for monthly subscribers were lower, as competitors like Ubersuggest have a similar price point with no annual commitment for its users.

Who Is Mangools for?

There's no doubt that the Mangools SEO tool is worthwhile for anyone who wants an affordable SEO tool that can provide them with the data they need to make better digital marketing choices to boost their website's SEO strategy.

But Mangools isn't the perfect choice for everyone. Mangools' features would be the best choice for these types of people:

- Bloggers who want an SEO tool that is easy to use without a complex learning curve.

- Niche website owners who have a limited budget and want access to powerful SEO data for their website and to research the competition.

- Affiliate marketers who want a rich toolset for keyword research, rank tracking, and link building.

- Freelancers who offer a wide variety of SEO services to their clients but don't need the advanced capabilities of a tool like Ahrefs or Semrush.

- Small and medium-sized businesses that need an effective tool for an in-house digital marketing team to do SEO work.

- SEO agencies that partner with small clients whose needs do not require an advanced SEO tool with complex features.

If you recognize yourself in any of these characteristics, I invite you to try Mangools for FREE here. That way you can try out all the features to make sure it's the right choice for you.

Mangools Customer Reviews

If you're wondering what others think of the Mangools suite of SEO tools, the following Mangools reviews can give you a useful overview of positive and negative comments from other websites about this software.

Positive Reviews

"I have tried many other tools like Mangools over the past 5 years, but they were not as comprehensive and did not offer google ranking for keywords like Mangools. Another point is that Mangools is very user-friendly and offers a pleasant experience in our daily routine."

Adriano A. (G2)

"The annual price of $229.90 is an easy purchase and a powerful tool that helps me build personal and local business websites. With the keyword research tool, I was able to find the perfect words to use in site headers, SEO titles, meta sections, and all those important areas that help your site get found by the right people. I still need to scratch the surface of other tools such as rank tracking, SERPChecker, backlink analysis, and a Siteprofiler."

Brandon M. (G2)

"The question-related keyword search feature is an amazing feature that other tools do not have. My website has used MANY keywords searched by this tool."

Ryan L. (G2)

"I like the fact that it is a very comprehensive tool for keyword analysis. It shows you complete competitor information and, to be specific, you can analyze information for a specific city."

Jose Daniel T. (G2)

"The easiest way to use and monitor a website. Very intuitive, even for a beginner."

Cristian R. (G2)

"Mangools is much faster than other SEO tools, offers automatic keyword suggestions (one of its best features), and has already been used by some of the world's largest companies."

Shabnam M. (G2)

"Mangools' keyword search function is the most useful. It is extremely easy to use and consistently produces accurate results. In addition, its list feature allows us to go back and target related content ideas very easily, as we can store our multiple keywords."

User in Restaurants (G2)

Negative Reviews

"Tutorials on how to sync the API with Google Sheets is the only issue I'm working to resolve."

Stephen (Software Avice)

"The bundle might not be right for everyone. For example, I mostly use two or three tools, but the price of each is high."

Anonymous (Software Consultant)

"The basic plan must include more keyword searches, not only 100 keyword searches per day. 100-500 is good for online marketers and online business owners."

Stephen (Software Avice)

"I sometimes get confused by logging into different domains like Kwfinder, SERPChecker, LinkMiner."

Nik D. (Capterra)

Mangools SEO Alternatives

Mangools is not the unique solution for SEO analysis. If you want to compare Mangools to other software on the market, here are the best alternatives to Mangools SEO tool:

- Ahrefs
- Moz Pro
- SEO Powersuite
- SE Ranking
- Semrush
- Serpstat
- Ubersuggest

Note: Some of these SEO tools are more robust than Mangools, but their price is also much higher. Before choosing any of these Mangools alternatives, you should consider the actual features you will be using in the software to ensure it meets your needs.

In my experience, Mangools has everything you need as a blogger, niche website owner, affiliate marketer, mid-sized business, and SEO agency that works with small clients. The extra expense you'll incur for professional-grade SEO tools isn't always necessary to get positive results for a small or medium-sized website.

Is Mangools Worth It?

Mangools SEO tool is worth it if you're looking for an affordable, user-friendly SEO tool with all the necessary features to help you improve your website's SEO strategy. Mangools is perfect for anyone who wants quick keyword research, rank tracking, SERP analysis, link building, and site profiling.

You can try Mangools for FREE here

Mangools SEO Tools Review Summary

As you've discovered, there are many Mangools features that you can use as a blogger, niche site owner, affiliate marketer, freelancer, small and medium-sized business, and SEO agency to make better data-driven digital marketing decisions to improve your or a client's website for SEO.

We hope this in-depth Mangools SEO tools review has given you everything you need to make the best decision for your needs as an internet marketer or SEO professional.

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