Ezoic vs AdSense: Who Pays Better?

In this Ezoic vs AdSense comparison, you will discover which one pays better Ezoic or AdSense?

Ezoic and Google Adsense represent two of the largest display monetization methods available today. Both platforms offer a lot when it comes to helping publishers create ad revenue from their websites.

In this article, we'll compare all aspects of these platforms, to give you a better idea of which one would be best for you.

Ezoic vs AdSense: Who Pays Better?

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Ezoic vs AdSense: Overview

1. Ezoic vs AdSense: Onboarding Process

The importance of onboarding new users cannot be overstated. Fortunately, both platforms have excellent onboarding processes in place to support customers and new registrants looking to monetize their sites with each platform. 

Let's take a closer look at the onboarding process for each platform.


If your site has less than 10,000 pageviews per month, you must enroll in the "Access Now" course of Ezoic. This is where you will have to take a course that will teach you how to configure and integrate Ezoic before you can start monetizing.

If your site has more than 10,000 pageviews per month, you will not be asked to take the course and you can get started more quickly. You can sign up using my Ezoic affiliate link here.  

That said, there are many other courses on the site, none of which are mandatory but highly recommended as they will help you unlock additional benefits so that you can maximize your advertising revenue.

Ezoic has also introduced a new Levels extension to help potential publishers looking to use Ezoic to monetize their sites. 

Ezoic vs AdSense: Who Pays Better?

Levels are Ezoic's way of distinguishing publishers using a system based on visitors and monthly revenue for each site. 

You will learn who you will be communicating with (Ezoic specialists, communities, etc.), what you are expected to know, site requirements, how long the whole process will take, and various other issues.

Ezoic also has a program called Access Now, designed to help publishers with lower levels of traffic find value by joining the Ezoic ad network platform. 

Access Now makes Ezoic's technology accessible to all websites, no matter their size.

When you join this program, you'll receive training and support, and you'll be able to generate historical test data from the start. 

Here are some additional benefits you can enjoy as a member of the Access Now program

- No limits on pageviews
- Access to free tools used by leading publishers
- Quick installation in just 15 minutes
- Unmatched performance and security with cloud integration
- Access to the Twist community for expedited support


Compared to Ezoic, AdSense offers almost no support to its publishers. My research shows that there are many frustrated users who search for answers online without success. 

Ezoic vs AdSense: Who Pays Better?

Most of them have to rely on other users to help them solve integration issues.

Winner: Ezoic

There is no doubt that Ezoic wins this round. With this ad network, even publishers with less than 10,000 visits can win big. The platform offers different levels of benefits, support, and resources, whereas AdSense offers none of that to its publishers.

2. Ezoic vs AdSense: Ongoing Training

It's important to understand how to make the most money with display ads, otherwise, you may be wasting time doing things that don't advance your business. 

You need to choose an ad network that helps you make the right decisions by providing ongoing training to help you maximize your earnings.


Ezoic has gone to great lengths to provide users with as much information as necessary on how to get started and get the most out of their ads. 

You'll get answers to many of the most frequently asked questions, such as "Why should I put ads on my sites now instead of waiting for more traffic?" 

Whatever you need answers to, the platform has them. You'll even get courses to educate you on different aspects of display ads and optimization methods, as well as ongoing weekly training sessions within office hours for all clients.  

In short, Ezoic goes above and beyond when it comes to continually educating its customers.


Adsense also provides help to its users through Adsense Help. There you will find a help center, as well as a user community and an area for advertisements. 

You can use the search function to describe your problem, after which you will receive a response from one of the platform's users. 

However, the help center of this platform is not as reliable as Ezoic's and you are not guaranteed to get a quick response to your query. 

Winner: Ezoic

It is clear that Ezoic goes above and beyond and provides its users with adequate resources in the form of FAQs, blog posts, how-to guides, and even courses to help them get the most out of the platform.

3. Ezoic vs AdSense: Customer Support

Support is a very important element to consider when choosing an ad network. If you need help during the process, you need a reliable team that will answer your questions and provides solutions to all your problems. 

Let's take a look at how these two platforms compare in this aspect.


As part of Access Now and Level 1, Ezoic encourages the primary use of collaborative learning communities such as the Twist channel of the platform to research questions. 

This is a group onboarding setting where you will be in a community of users sharing the same ideas. If you can't find your question here, you can start a new thread and one of the Twist team members will provide you with answers.

When you reach Level 2, you'll have access to a dedicated onboarding specialist who will train and advise you on a variety of ad-related topics, including:

- Publishing
- Placeholders
- Website Speed
- Content
- Big Data Analysis

... and many others. 

Ezoic makes it easy to get started as a publisher and the support you receive from the platform will always match the size of your website. In other words, the more your website grows, the more support you will receive to stay on track.


On the other hand, AdSense doesn't offer much support, other than a simple email address where you can submit your question and someone will (eventually) respond. 

Unfortunately, my research shows that the answers received are often not very helpful, which leads to a lot of frustration among users.

Winner: Ezoic

There's no doubt You can get help via an extensive knowledge base and help center, as well as email and live chat, whereas Google only offers an unengaged community and email support.

4. Ezoic vs AdSense: Ad Placement

One of the main reasons to use an ad network is to be able to optimize ads to increase the amount of money you make from the same number of visitors to your site.

Let's see what each platform offers in terms of ad optimization.


Ezoic uses an intelligent ad optimization process where placeholders are used to automate the optimization of ads for websites of all sizes. Thus, you will be able to increase your revenue and performance and maximize your revenue while improving the user experience (UX). 

With the use of this powerful AI, there is no need to guess anymore. Tons of data points will be used to choose the best layout for each type of user, which not only boosts engagement but also increases your revenue, so everyone wins. 

Ezoic vs AdSense: Who Pays Better?


As opposed to Ezoic, AdSense uses manual testing for all ad optimizations on your site. This process is neither reliable nor efficient because you have to experiment with different custom search style templates if you want to make changes that will improve the quality of ads on your site.

This means that you have to work very hard to find the best ad types, layouts, and sizes for your sites.

This is beyond the skills or bandwidth of most users, which is why many prefer Ezoic for its automatic ad testing process.

Winner: Ezoic

There's really no contest here unless you like to manually test to find the best ads for your website. Ezoic takes care of all that for you using smart artificial intelligence technology so you get the best results with virtually no effort.

5. Ezoic vs AdSense: Pricing

So far, Ezoic is leading in all the areas we've looked at, including Onboarding, ad optimization, support, and ongoing training. Let's take a look at what each platform offers in terms of pricing. 


Ezoic allows you to test all of its core features and products for free. You can sign up for a free trial on the platform without having to provide any payment information. 

You can then choose between an ad-funded option and a 10% revenue share option.

Ezoic vs AdSense: Who Pays Better?

Pricing is the only place so far where Adsense is on par because it's free.  

But, in my experience, Ezoic earns more through AI optimizations and pays for itself and more. 


Adsense is free for everyone as long as you meet the ad platform's requirements. Google Adsense pays you for clicks and impressions from the ads displayed on your site, allowing you to generate a steady stream of revenue from your traffic. 

Winner: Tie

However, the only section where Adsense is on par with Ezoic is pricing. Adsense is free, but while Ezoic has a generous trial offer, it will earn you more over time. So even though Ezoic has a cost, it makes you enough money and extra revenue to cover the gap. You can check this article on how much Ezoic pays per 1000 views.

6. Ezoic vs AdSense: Analytics

This is another important aspect to consider when choosing the best ad network for your website. Let's see what kind of analytics you get on each platform.


In terms of analytics, Ezoic has a lot to offer. It has Big Data analytics tools that all help you generate higher revenue, boost your SEO, and make more money from your site automatically. 

You'll be able to discover the value of different content categories on your site, as well as link revenue to areas such as landing pages, scroll depth, and word count to maximize your results. 

In addition, the platform's analytics provide you with page-level reports, which will allow you to objectively measure your ROI and know which SEO campaigns are delivering the results you want.


Unlike Ezoic, Adsense does not offer page-level reporting.

This lack of in-depth reporting is another reason why so many publishers are leaving this ad network in search of a platform that offers more in-depth information to help them make more money from website ads. 

Winner: Ezoic

A certain theme is developing now, and it's no surprise that Ezoic is the winner here too. The ad network offers something you won't get on Adsense, which is a page-level report that lets you take your data to a whole new level to see how each blog post, homepage, or landing page is performing.

7. Ezoic vs AdSense: Overall Revenue Potential

One of the main considerations when choosing the best ad network is which platform will earn you more over time. 


My research and experience have shown that with Ezoic, a site can earn as little as $3/1,000 pageviews at first, but with the platform's ad optimization algorithm, the website will eventually earn as much as $50-60/1,000 pageviews - especially when the niche, time of year, and access to premium ads are all aligned. 

Even publishers that are total beginners can expect an eCPM that is 50-150% higher once they join this particular platform. You can use the platform's earnings calculator to see what you could be earning on your site. 

Ezoic vs AdSense: Who Pays Better?


How much money can you earn with AdSense? You get paid for every click on your site's ads, but Google takes a commission. Publishers usually receive 68% (51% when using Google AdSense for search). You can check this article on how much AdSense pays per 1000 views.

Depending on your niche, the commission you receive can range from $0.20 to $15, with an average of $3 per click for publishers.

Winner: Ezoic

Ezoic has proven to offer far greater benefits than Adsense in terms of generating revenue over time.

Ezoic vs AdSense Earning: Who Pays Better?

It is well known that Google AdSense pays very little, and you need tens of thousands of visitors per month before you can start earning a substantial amount depending on your niche.

Fortunately, there are many other options (e.g. Ezoic and Mediavine) that pay higher than Google AdSense. So why do so many people use AdSense if it pays so badly?

- Lack of awareness: Google AdSense is so widely used that most people don't even know about the other options.

- Low requirements: You can be approved with as few as 1000 monthly users in Google AdSense. On other ad networks, the minimum traffic requirement can be up to 100 times higher. You can see this article on Ezoic requirements.

- U.S - based traffic: Many ad networks require that the majority of your traffic be based in the United States. There is no such requirement with AdSense, which is why all types of websites adhere to it.

For these reasons, Google AdSense is the most popular ad network, used by an estimated 40 million websites worldwide. That's probably more than all other ad networks combined.

Ezoic vs AdSense Summary

As you can see, Ezoic is the clear winner here. Although you may be inclined to begin with AdSense as a newbie blogger, if you want to maximize your earnings, then Ezoic is the best option for you. It can increase your earnings by 50% to 200% using artificial intelligence.

If you are not currently an Ezoic user, then you are welcome to use my Ezoic affiliate link here to start today.

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