Best Local SEO Software Tools to Improve your Local Search Rankings

In this article, you will learn what are the best local SEO software tools to boost and improve your local search rankings.

Local SEO has become more important than ever. As local competition intensifies, the task of dominating local search results takes precedence over any other marketing activity for small businesses.

However, the importance of local SEO in digital marketing cannot be overstated. Maintaining an online presence is a very important factor for local and international businesses.

Local SEO tools can assist you to improve and boost your presence and attract your audience. Local SEO tools can help track rankings, provide competitor information, help develop SEO-optimized keywords, monitor performance and encourage customer engagement.

Local SEO software tools can help you gain valuable insights into your online visibility and uncover opportunities to get your business in front of the nearest potential customers to generate more leads and sales.

The best local SEO tools offer a variety of features. For example, they allow you to perform audits, find keywords, manage listings, track rankings and collect customer reviews.

Best Local SEO Software Tools to Improve your Local Search Rankings

In this guide, we present some of the best local SEO tools currently available on the market. From free SEO tools like Google Business Profile to Nightwatch, there is a solution for every business. Try one or all of them to reach your business goals faster and easier!

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10 Best Local SEO Tools to Improve your Local Search Rankings


Mangools provides a set of beginner-friendly tools useful for local SEO, including rank tracking, keyword research, backlink analysis, and competitor analysis tools.


- Intuitive keyword research tools to find local and low competition keywords.
- Visually appealing rank tracker tool with simple reporting options.
- Reveal a site's SEO authority, including core content, backlinks, and competitors.
- Inspect off-site domain authority metrics for competing sites.
- Examine local SERPs and identify the strengths and weaknesses of local competition.

Mangools keyword research tool, called KWFinder, provides a really nice and easy experience for finding new keywords with low competition and ranking difficulty.

Mangool's SERPWatcher tool is also ideal for those who prefer a simple yet visually appealing keyword position tracker tool with daily rank tracking updates.

You can try Mangools here.

Growthbar (Chrome Extension)

Growthbar is an inexpensive local SEO tool, available as a standalone web application or Chrome extension. You can use the tool to track the position of a website's top keywords, which can be useful for competitor analysis and local keyword research.

Growthbar also provides information about a website's domain authority, which allows you to see and track the authority of your competitors. Use the rank tracker to see which domains are ranking for certain keywords or appearing frequently for certain queries.

You can try Growthbar here


Nightwatch is a powerful rank tracking tool that provides accurate daily ranking updates for tracking many local keywords on various locations, including other websites, as well as site auditing and reporting features.


- Best SEO software tool for local businesses and service companies who want to accurately track rankings for multiple keywords across multiple locations.
- Track and compare local rankings of competitor sites against your site.
- Aggregate keyword rankings and create custom views based on filtering options such as keyword tags, search engine, location, device, ranking position, etc.
- Conduct a site audit to identify SEO issues and opportunities.
- Track your website's backlinks and build automated ranking reports.
- Integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console allows you to analyze your web traffic and additional Google together in a visually appealing interface.

Accurately track, segment, and analyze multiple keywords in local SERPs for the locations that matter to your business and get daily ranking updates. This includes keyword tracking on Google, Google Maps, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo.

You can try Nightwatch here.

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is considered one of the best local SEO tools. It makes it easy for customers to find information about your business, such as an address or phone number.

Compare businesses, find out about your local competitors, track reviews and respond to them. Google also offers a "book an appointment" feature for customers, which can encourage them to engage with your listing.

Google Ads Keyword Planner

Google Ads keyword planner tool has several features that can be useful to you for local SEO. While you use the tool to plan PPC campaigns, you may want to take note of the competition column that shows how competitive ad placement can be for your target keyword.

Check out our guide on using the Google Keyword Planner tool for SEO.

Google Search Console

Google offers Google Search Console to help you make sure your website stays relevant to Google. You can also use it to check the keywords Google ranks your site for and the number of pages Google indexes from your site.

The tool may also display the number of clicks and impressions your website receives. The mobile usability area shows any usability concerns your mobile site or pages are currently experiencing. Check for additional errors and other indexing issues your website is experiencing dynamically and take steps to resolve them.

Google Analytics

This web analytics tool tracks and reports web traffic to users. The Google Analytics reporting service shows how many people visit your site each day. The third-party referral option allows you to see which third-party websites have sent you traffic.

You can also track session duration, bounce rate, and pages per session, and get insights into demographics to use in your overall marketing strategy.

Google Trends

Google Trends is primarily used to compare keyword popularity and track increases in keyword search volume triggered by events.

While not a traditional SEO tool, it provides users with useful data such as search volume index and user geography information. Companies can use this data to create targeted campaigns and plan new ways to stand out from their competitors. 

Google Trends also shows which searches are likely to lead users to your website.


BrightLocal offers a set of affordable local SEO tools that help local businesses manage and grow their local search efforts for one or more business locations.


- Local search audits that include on-site SEO, online listings, links, and reviews.
- Audit GMB listings, monitor local ranking signals, and get more information about GMB.
- Simple ranking checker for tracking Google and Bing keyword positions.
- Track local keyword rankings with a unique top-down grid view in your region.
- Create, update and submit your local citations to relevant directories.
- You own your listings and they are not deleted if you decide to terminate services.
- Eliminate manual submission of business information to major data aggregator networks.
- Tools to build review campaigns, monitor online reviews, and showcase reviews.

BrightLocal's affordable tools and services can help you grow your listing presence, get more online reviews and improve local search engine rankings.

Semrush Listing Management Tool

The Listing Management tool makes it easier than ever to add and update your company's data to the most important directories in the United States and beyond. Once your listings are live, you can use the tool to track and update them to ensure they remain accurate and unified across all platforms.

This comprehensive local SEO tool also allows you to monitor customer reviews, your business' ranking in your target city, and your current local search performance in target cities. You can even set the tool to send you location reports via email, so you can stay on track without having to log into the tool. Learn more about what is a local SEO citation?.

Best Local SEO Software Tools to Improve your Local Search Rankings

Best Local SEO Software Tools - Summary

The best local SEO tools give your business a competitive edge and can help you strengthen your online presence, get found by customers, and increase leads and sales.

Consider testing some of these local SEO tools to gain market insights and improve the overall effectiveness of your local SEO efforts.

For small businesses on a tight budget, an all-in-one SEO platform can give you the best value and allow you to do more under one roof.

These tools include features that cover key aspects of local search marketing, such as keyword research, competitor insights, rank tracking, website auditing, and reporting.

Local SEO software tools can boost online marketing strategies for businesses that have physical locations. Increasing online traffic is never a simple task; there are several important factors to track if you want to receive more traffic. With the right local SEO tools, you will save time and resources while improving your engagement with your audience.

The above tools should help you optimize your website for local searches and keep you ahead of your local competitors.

While these SEO tools are useful for improving your local search rankings, you'll need to use them in conjunction with other keyword research and link-building tools to make sure your overall website SEO is in place.

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