Best Pinterest Keyword Tool (Generator, Planner & Research)

If you are serious about marketing on Pinterest, then you need the best Pinterest keyword tool.

Pinterest keyword research tool can help you discover new Pinterest trends to capitalize on for your business and analyze the keyword volume and difficulty to drive your Pinterest SEO strategy.

In this list, you'll discover the best Pinterest keyword research tools you can utilize to generate new keyword ideas that can help you reach your target audience. Treat this as your ultimate guide to finding the best keyword generator and planner for your needs and budget.

Best Pinterest Keyword Tools (Generator, Planner & Research)

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What Is a Pinterest Keyword Tool?

A Pinterest keyword tool is software that helps you perform a Pinterest keyword search to find relevant words and phrases to target for your pins and boards. Pinterest keyword tools help you optimize your content to reach more people when they search for specific ideas on Pinterest.

Benefits of Pinterest Keyword Search

Performing a Pinterest keyword search makes it easier to find new ideas and know which terms to optimize to help people find your content via the Pinterest search engine. If ranking on Pinterest is part of your digital marketing strategy, then a Pinterest keyword research tool is important for growing your online business.

- It helps you know which terms to target and which to ignore based on user interest.
- Reveals the level of competition so you can decide whether it's worth targeting a particular keyword or not.
- Uncovers new trends in user behavior and searches on Pinterest.
- Shows you how to create an effective Pinterest SEO strategy and content plan.
- Helps you target specific types of people who are the best target audience for your business.

Best Pinterest Keyword Tool


Best Pinterest Keyword Tools (Generator, Planner & Research) website
Price: $69/month
Free trial: Free trial without registration

Keywordtool is a powerful Pinterest keyword tool that gathers data from the search engine's autocomplete feature. It also helps you research keywords on other platforms for SEO. Therefore, Keywordtool is an all-in-one research tool for your digital marketing needs.

The main features of Keywordtool are as follows:

- You can narrow down Pinterest keyword suggestions by country.
- Ability to choose a specific language for keyword search.
- Shows monthly keyword volume, trends, cost-per-click (CPC) data, and competition status.
- Options to export and copy keyword data for planning purposes or use in other SEO tools.


Best Pinterest Keyword Tools (Generator, Planner & Research)

Keysearch website
Price: $17/month
Free trial: Free trial without registration

Keysearch is another popular Pinterest keyword tool that includes a variety of other SEO software to help you manage every aspect of your content marketing strategy. In addition to Pinterest keyword research and planning, Keysearch can also analyze terms on Google, Amazon, and YouTube.

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Key features of Keysearch include:

- Average monthly Pinterest keyword search volume.
- SEO competition level for each suggestion.
- Cost per click (CPC) data for generated keywords.
- Pay per click (PPC) statistics for keyword searches.
- Allows you to choose keyword ideas to compare against each other.
- Has an export function to save keyword data for use in other SEO analysis tools.

Pin Inspector

Best Pinterest Keyword Tools (Generator, Planner & Research)

Pin Inspector website
Price: $67 one-time fee
Free Trial: No, but comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Pin Inspector is a Pinterest keyword tool that you download and use on your computer. It includes 6 data exploration tools to help you improve your Pinterest marketing and keyword targeting. In many ways, it is one of the best Pinterest keyword research tools on the market and there are no recurring monthly fees to worry about.

The main features of Pin Inspector include:

- A keyword generator.
- Trend generator.
- Pinner analyzer.
- Pin analyzer.
- Board analyzer.
- Browsing and scraping tool.
- Displays Pinterest keyword search volumes.
- Displays keyword competition levels.
- Gives cost per click (CPC) data.
- Reports the latest trends on Pinterest.
- Has over 45 data points on Pinterest pins.
- Has over 14 data points for each Pinterest board.
- Shows the top performing ads in your Pinterest feed.
- Reveals the top pins in Pinterest boards.
- Shows the number of monthly views for specific pinners.
- Shows the best performing content from your competitors.

Pinodo Pinterest keyword generator

Best Pinterest Keyword Tools (Generator, Planner & Research)

Pinodo website
Price: Free

Pinodo is a free Pinterest keyword generator, available as a Chrome extension. After adding Pinodo to your Google web browser, you will need to sign up for a free Pinodo account to use the search features on Pinterest.

The main features of Pinodo are as follows:

- Can scan several seed keywords at the same time.
- Includes search modifiers to limit your keyword search to specific types of terms, such as "A-Z", "0-9" or "Extras".
- Shows the difficulty degree for each keyword. 
- Allows you to export the keyword list as a CSV file for use in other SEO analysis tools.

SEOStack Pinterest keyword planner 

Best Pinterest Keyword Tools (Generator, Planner & Research)

SEOStack website
Price: Free

SEOStack comes as a free Pinterest keyword planner in the form of a Chrome extension. It is essentially a keyword generator that can help you come up with ideas for long-tail and low-competition topics to target for your Pinterest content.

The main features of SEOStack include:

- Can scan several seed keywords at the same time.
- Includes wildcard modifiers to narrow your keyword search to specific phrase types, such as "A-Z", "0-9", "Questions" or "Prepositions".
- Has options to filter keywords by country and language.
- Allows you to export the keyword list as a CSV file for use in other SEO analysis tools.
- Provides a plain text view to copy and paste the keyword list into other SEO software.
- Helps you generate keyword ideas for other search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, YouTube, Amazon, and eBay.
- Comes with a button to launch Google Keyword Planner to get search volume and CPC data.

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Pinterest's built-in keyword tools

Best Pinterest Keyword Tools (Generator, Planner & Research)

Pinterest website
Price: free

Pinterest itself has a number of free tools that you can use for keyword research. You will need a Pinterest business account to access some of these search tools, so be sure to follow the instructions on this page to set up a new professional account or convert your personal account to a professional account.

The main features of Pinterest are:

- The Pinterest search bar reveals popular keyword searches as you type.
- Pinterest categories for topic ideas.
- "More Like This" feed.
Pinterest ads keyword research tool.
- The Pinterest Trends feature.
- Pinterest Predicts feature.

Pinterest Keyword Research Tool Summary

This was a list of the best Pinterest keyword tool, and I hope you enjoyed it.

As you've discovered, the best Pinterest keyword research tool will help you find new Pinterest trends that you can use for your business and analyze keyword difficulty and search volumes to help direct your Pinterest SEO strategy.

Whatever Pinterest keyword tool you choose on this page, you'll be able to do more effective keyword targeting for your pins and boards.

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