Best Commercial Video Hosting Services

When planning your video strategy, the first thing you want to explore is commercial video hosting services for your business. It can be difficult to create your own video infrastructure. Video hosting companies help businesses upload, embed, and share their videos.

Businesses can choose the commercial video hosting services according to their goals and objectives. Each video solution has its advantages and disadvantages, so you need to make sure that your marketing strategies align with the hosting services.

Here is the list of commercial video hosting services. Let's go through each hosting provider to learn more about the platforms.  

Best Commercial Video Hosting Services

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List Of Commercial Video Hosting Services  

1. Vdocipher

There are several solutions available for hosting videos. Vdocipher offers enterprise video hosting services, especially for companies that are concerned about the security of video content. Vdocipher allows you to protect your video files from illegal downloading and also prevents the illegal distribution of your video files. Other security measures such as watermarking and screenshot blocking are present on the platform.

Best Commercial Video Hosting Services


- Excellent video security: Google Widevine and Apple Fairplay DRM Encryption are present to secure the content from unauthorized downloads.
- Smart HTML5 Player: Supports features such as forward/rewind, adaptive multi-quality, and multilingual subtitles.
- Free 1-month trial: Vdocipher offers a free 1-month trial to businesses.
- Customer Support: Technical and general questions will be answered by the Vdocipher team in a timely manner.


- Vdocipher does not support live streaming. 

Vdocipher pricing  

Best Commercial Video Hosting Services

2. Wistia

Wistia is a video streaming service provider that offers businesses the ability to leverage their video content to create a connection between a brand and its customers. Wistia can be a good option if you're looking to improve your conversions and increase user engagement on your websites.  

Some of its features include deep video analytics, which allows you to understand how users interact with the video. It offers a spinner feature to collect emails directly from the videos. Video chapters are present to enhance the video viewing experience. There are some risks with this video hosting company, but if you consider security as a key feature, you may prefer commercial video hosting services like Vdocipher which offer robust security.

Best Commercial Video Hosting Services


- No ads: Wistia is an ad-free service that provides a better experience for viewers.
- Video heatmaps are present: You can see which viewer is watching your video and you can even assign specific viewing activity to a viewer's email address.
- Video Player Customization: Player features include player color change, the option to add or remove a button, thumbnail style, video auto-play, and other interactive elements are provided.


- Fees are higher for small users and businesses.  

Wistia pricing plans    

Best Commercial Video Hosting Services

3. Vimeo

Vimeo is an enterprise video hosting platform that allows users to upload and share videos. There is no advertising on the platform. Vimeo allows hosting and allows its customers to distribute the uploaded video. Vimeo offers a set of very reasonable packages that primarily benefit creative professionals and businesses. Videos can be easily customized to fit the platform.

It allows you to create different levels of permissions for each reviewer or collaborator, which you can change depending on the project.

Best Commercial Video Hosting Services


- The best option for small businesses and individuals
- Video management: The process of uploading, managing, and using videos is very simple.
- Video privacy: Vimeo Pro's privacy options are quite comprehensive, including password protection, domain-level privacy, private link sharing, and no private viewing.


- No HLS encryption for high-level anti-hacking  

Vimeo pricing   

Best Commercial Video Hosting Services

4. IBM Ustream - IBM Watson Media 

IBM Cloud Video is a cloud-based video hosting company that allows users to publish and manage videos via desktop or mobile. It also provides a range of APIs and plugins to enable developers to integrate the CMS into their solutions. IBM Cloud Video offers user authentication (single sign-on) and password protection for your videos to keep your content secure.

Best Commercial Video Hosting Services


- It offers easy configuration, setup, and integration.
- The recording is another useful feature. The company provides 1000 hours of recorded content per month.
- The ability to provide users with detailed analytics is invaluable for measuring video performance.


- Lack of flexible billing options: There are video hosting companies that offer streaming services at a lower cost and with more options.  

IBM Ustream pricing  

Best Commercial Video Hosting Services

5. Vidyard  

Vidyard is one of the video hosting companies that offer solutions for marketing, sales, and corporate communication. It gives you full control over the look and feel of the video player. You can also do A/B testing for multiple thumbnails, and use pop-out CTAs.

Best Commercial Video Hosting Services


- In-depth analytics include reports on delivery quality, video tracking, and views.
- Video player customization features and great compatibility with different devices.
- Offers video platform integrations with tools such as Salesforce and HubSpot.


- Limited features in the free version: advanced analytics and editing features are limited.
- Some of the premium-paid plans are a bit pricey.  

Vidyard pricing plans   

Best Commercial Video Hosting Services

Reasons To Consider A Video Hosting Company?

A video hosting company is a third-party hosting service provider that allows you to upload your video to its servers. The host then distributes the video to various third-party sites chosen by the host. If you don't have the technical skills to host your video yourself, this is an excellent choice.

These days, video hosting companies can provide much more than just a video sharing platform. On the front end, they can allow users to share videos and on the back end, they can provide complex technical tasks like compression and protecting video content from piracy.

Businesses looking to get on the web can opt for self-hosting as long as they have a technical team to manage the complexity, security, and functionality. With video hosting platforms, you can simplify the hosting process at an affordable price. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing Commercial Video Hosting Services?

Video content security - Make sure your video content is protected from piracy. Standard security encryption technologies like Google Widevine and Apple Fairplay DRM Encryption can help you protect video content.

Video Player Customization - What features does the video player offer? Features such as adaptive video quality, video forward/reverse, multilingual subtitle support, buttons/forms above the video, and chapter segmentation will help you enhance the video experience.

Dashboard and Integration - Platforms should provide a simple, easy-to-navigate dashboard that allows users to upload videos, edit video settings, generate an integration code, and view usage. Also, check out the video embedding options on the website.

Price - The more premium features you get, the higher the price. Depending on your needs, some hosting solutions offer additional services such as live customer support, unlimited storage, video content security, and various analytics tools. Be sure to check out the features, pros, cons, and pricing model of each platform.   


Video hosting solutions for your business will depend on your goals and objectives. If promoting your premium video content is your main goal, you can look for a service that offers robust security, features, and analytics. If you're looking to make money from your videos, you can choose a service that supports ads.

Taking free trials is a great way to learn more about the platform. You can check out the Vdocipher platform which offers robust security and various features such as watermarking, DRM encryption, and Smart HTML5 Player, for a free 30-day trial.

FAQs About Commercial Video Hosting Services

Where can I host large video files?  

This is not without reason, as YouTube is a huge platform and the largest free video hosting company in the world for everyone. You can upload videos up to 256 GB in size. Anyone can search your uploaded videos. 

Is video hosting expensive?  

Video hosting server costs range from a few dollars per month to thousands of dollars per month. Many video hosting platforms offer free trials, allowing you to test the platform before you buy. Most video hosting server costs are based on a variety of components such as feature access, bandwidth usage, storage, etc. 

Who is YouTube's biggest competitor? 

Vimeo is YouTube's number one or biggest competitor. Vimeo is a famous video sharing network with 150 million creators and 1.24 million subscribers. 

Can WordPress host videos? 

WordPress can host videos, but you probably don't want to upload videos directly to your WordPress website. Due to the high cost of bandwidth for video content, it's best to use a video hosting plugin or embed videos from a third-party service. 

Should I host my own videos?

It is not a good idea to host your videos on your own website, as having large files that are often viewed (downloaded) by many people at the same time can cause a lot of stress on a shared hosting server. This has a negative impact on you and all other users of that specific server.  

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