How To Increase Organic Search Traffic

Organic search traffic is not for you if you're looking for a quick fix to drive traffic to your website. It's hard work that requires patience to get results.

That said, choosing organic search traffic boosting strategies could be the best investment you can make for your eCommerce business.

Ideally, you can drive traffic to your website either through search engine results pages (SERPS) using search engine optimization (SEO) or through paid advertisements (PPC) placed before organic results (like Google Ads).

In paid advertising, the results are almost immediate but you have to pay every time a user clicks on your ads. This is a shortcut to your goals and you risk only getting temporary customers and a high bounce rate.

Building organic traffic to a website is free but requires a long-term effort.

If you want to know exactly how to get organic search traffic to your website, read on.

How To Increase Organic Search Traffic

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Organic Search Traffic: Why it's important for your business

Organic search traffic refers to visitors who arrive at your website after performing a search on a website like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Organic search traffic takes time for SEO to generate results, but it is the most important form of traffic for your website.

Here's why?

Organic search traffic is targeted - meaning users who click through to your website have a specific intent and have a higher conversion rate than a random visitor from paid search traffic.   

How To Increase Organic Search Traffic On A Website

- Use long-tail keywords.
- Consider influencer marketing.
- Take advantage of on-page SEO.
- Find and remove non-performing content.
- Become a guest blogger.
- Create video content on YouTube.
- Promote your content on social media platforms.
- Answer questions on Google People Also Ask.

Ranking high in search results is the dream of every website owner or marketer. If you rank on the first page, you are sure to generate a lot of organic search traffic. If you fail to rank on the first page, your dream will be just a dream.

Organic search traffic can also increase your credibility, as users are more likely to trust websites that rank organically. 

Here are 8 practical tips on how to get organic search traffic to a website:

1. Why Use Long Tail Keywords For SEO

How To Increase Organic Search Traffic

Writing high-quality content is only half the battle if you want to know how to drive organic traffic to your website. You can increase organic search traffic to a great extent if you focus on long-tail keywords in your keyword research.

Long-tail keywords are a combination of three or four words, such as "best WordPress security plugins" or "restaurants in Lagos".

You can create compelling titles for your blog posts by using long-tail keywords. Consider using tools like Ahrefs free keyword generator when looking for keyword ideas.  

2. Consider Influencer Marketing Strategy   

How To Increase Organic Search Traffic

Influencers tend to have a lot of followers who engage with them regularly. Having them mention and recommend your brand can be a total game-changer and drive massive organic search traffic to your website. They can also create original and new content for your brand.

You can get new leads by using an influencer as your brand ambassador, especially if you run a small business.    

3. Take Advantage of On-Page SEO Techniques

How To Increase Organic Search Traffic

In addition to creating and publishing quality content, you should optimize your web pages for search engines when learning how to drive organic search traffic to your website.

On-page SEO includes optimizing your images, HTML tags, and titles. Make sure your images support your content and optimize your meta description and title tags. Your title tags make your articles easier and more enjoyable to read, which can also have an impact on your ranking.

Overall, your on-page SEO will increase organic search traffic to your website and improve its visibility in the SERPs.   

4. Find and Remove Non-Performing Content

How To Increase Organic Search Traffic

Non-performing content is content on a website that does not fulfill its original purpose. This can cause major bottlenecks and compromise your chances of ranking in the SERPs.

This is because search engines encounter a problem in the crawling process and leave your website before reaching the important pages.

Removing non-performing pages is an important part of any content strategy. It allows important content to rank higher in the results pages and will help you gain more organic search traffic.  

5. Become A Guest Blogger

How To Increase Organic Search Traffic

Guest blogging is a two-way street. You can become a guest blogger for other websites or invite people in your industry to blog on your website.

Your guest post on a high authority website can dramatically increase traffic to your website and help build brand recognition. Typically, the website owner will encourage you to share the link on your own website. This will get you referral traffic and backlinks to your website.  

6. Create Video Content on YouTube 

How To Increase Organic Search Traffic

Your digital content strategy doesn't have to be limited to developing great material for your website. You can turn it into different formats, including audio or video.

For example, YouTube videos can help you attract and retain new subscribers. Uploading videos is an online marketing strategy that allows your customers to see a demonstration of your product or service. It also allows them to answer questions about your brand.

This can significantly increase purchases and organic search traffic to your website.  

7. Promote Your Content On Social Media Platforms

How To Increase Organic Search Traffic

While sharing content on social media platforms is a great content marketing method, you need to be assertive.

Get involved in discussions with relevant hashtags on Twitter. To engage with visitors, answer questions on your Facebook page and respond to comments.

You can also post your content on relevant, high-traffic communities, including Reddit, Slack, LinkedIn, Quora, and Facebook groups. Build trust and cultivate a relationship with the community before promoting your content (and make sure the group allows it). Anything else could look like spam.

Make sure you interact with your followers on different social networks to build a relationship with them and establish long-term trust. This way, they will be more likely to share your content with their contacts, which will drive traffic and brand awareness.  

8. Answer The Questions On The (Google People Also Ask)    

How To Increase Organic Search Traffic

Instead of creating generic content on a topic, dig deeper and look for questions people are asking on Google Search. A large majority of those asking these questions are entrepreneurs looking for specific solutions.

This way you can create content for a target audience that will bring in organic search traffic. So, if you're a blogger, use Google People Also Ask feature to find questions to answer and generate blog posts.

If you create content around real questions that users have asked, you are sure to generate organic traffic to your website.


This guide doesn't exhaust all the methods for getting organic search traffic to your website, but the tips we've discussed will help you develop an effective organic search traffic strategy.

From guest posting to video creation to social media marketing, you may spend a lot of time before you see results. For new website owners, this won't happen as quickly as you'd like, but consistency and quality will generate organic search traffic over time.   

FAQs About How To Increase Organic Search Traffic

What does increased organic search traffic mean?

An increase in organic search traffic means that your website attracts more visitors from search engines such as Google, without paying for advertising space. Organic search traffic is very valuable because it has a higher conversion rate. It is also less expensive than paid search traffic.   

How to increase organic search traffic?

There are many tactics to increase organic search traffic.

1. Use long-tail keywords with high search intent.
2. Consider using influencer marketing.
3. Optimize on-page SEO.
4. Audit your non-performing content.
5. Guest blog on high-authority websites.
6. Create video content.
7. Share your content on social media platforms.
8. Answer questions from your audience.
9. Earn backlinks.
10. Optimize your title tags and meta descriptions.   

How does SEO increase organic search traffic?   

SEO increases organic search traffic by allowing your web pages to rank higher in search engines like Google. When you optimize pages for certain keywords, you rank higher for those search keywords and generate more organic traffic.   

What percentage of web traffic should be organic?

The higher the percentage of organic search traffic on your website, the better. According to a study by BrightEdge, organic search traffic recently reached 53%. Organic search traffic has higher traffic and conversion rates than paid search traffic. For these reasons, a high percentage of web traffic should be organic to your website.    

What does organic traffic google analytics mean?

Organic traffic google analytics refers to website visits from search engines such as Google or Bing through unpaid methods. If you are getting organic search traffic in Google Analytics, you are probably ranking well for certain search keywords. Find the organic search traffic in the Acquisition section. Click on All Traffic, then click on Channels. 

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