Ezoic Requirements: Ads and Minimum Traffic Requirements

In this article, you will find a detailed list of Ezoic requirements.

As you will discover, website publishers must meet certain criteria to have access to the integration and monetization features of Ezoic.

If you've been wondering if your website meets the Ezoic minimum traffic requirements or Ezoic ads requirements, this page has all the information you need.

Consider it your ultimate guide to Ezoic approval.

Ezoic Requirements: Ads and Minimum Traffic Requirements (Overview)

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Ezoic Requirements

Minimum traffic requirements

Ezoic does not have a minimum traffic requirement. The 10000 pageviews per month threshold has been removed so that all publishers, regardless of their site size, can join the Ezoic platform to monetize their traffic.

As stated on June 8, 2021, Ezoic article, "Removing the previous [minimum traffic] threshold of 10000 pageviews per month for using Ezoic's monetization features allows Ezoic - and our customers - to exercise greater freedom and transparency while avoiding long-held disingenuous industry practices."

If your website has less than 10000 pageviews per month, you will need to join Ezoic through the Access Now program. I invite you to sign up through my Ezoic affiliate link hereIf you have a website that has more than the minimum Ezoic traffic requirements, then you can join the Ezoic standard program using my other affiliate link here.

The main difference between the Access Now program and the standard program is that the Access Now program requires that you do self-service onboarding on the platform. This means that you will need to integrate Ezoic's technology into your own website with very minimal support. There is also a short training course that you need to take to help you understand how to set up your site with Ezoic's technology in the most efficient way.

Essentially, Ezoic waives the minimum traffic requirement for websites with less than 10000 pageviews, provided the publisher is willing to educate themselves on how Ezoic's technology works so that the support team does not have to do the onboarding. This also reduces the number of support tickets that include common questions about the technology and operation of the ad system.

The site must respect Google policies

The second Ezoic requirement that you must meet is that all websites must comply with Google's publisher policies. The Ezoic company is a certified Google Publishing partner. This means that all publishers who use Ezoic's technology must comply with certain Google publishing policies. You can see this article on which one pays better Ezoic or AdSense?

This includes, but is not limited to:

- Do not offer copyrighted material/downloads.
- Do not offer infringing products.
- The site must have reliable traffic sources.
- Sites must not redirect users to unwanted pages/sites/pop-ups or pop-unders.
- Gambling content must comply with Google's gambling policy.
- Do not use automatically generated content.
- Do not create empty pages without original content.
- Do not use content copied from other web pages.
- No keyword stuffing.
- Do not use adult/dangerous/derogatory content.
- Do not offer content related to alcohol/smoking/healthcare.
- Do not use aggressive/threatening content.
- Do not use illegal content.

Approved website content only

Although you do not need a Google AdSense account to join and use Ezoic, your website must nevertheless comply with Google’s Adsense Policies. This is because Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

This includes, but is not limited to:

- Sites that have existing Adsense accounts must be in good standing.
- Banned or penalized AdSense accounts must be corrected before monetization can take place. 
- No artificial inflation of clicks or impressions.
- Do not encourage clicks or use deceptive methods to obtain clicks or views.
- Do not use deceptive methods to confuse ads with site navigation.

Language supported by AdSense

Another Ezoic requirement is that the website must be in a language supported by Adsense, which includes:

Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
Spanish (European)
Spanish (Latin American)

You can see the full list of Google’s supported publisher languages here.

Type of site requirement

Ezoic requires that websites meet certain requirements depending on the content they publish. The sites must be informative or rich in content to be approved. Predominantly corporate or e-commerce sites are not accepted unless they have an active blog.

This means that Ezoic wants to see a majority of content on the site that answers people's questions, solves problems, provides entertainment and education. Purely transactional types of content, such as product sales pages, lead generation forms, etc., are not beneficial to advertisers because the marketing goals are competing with each other.

Ezoic Ad Revenue Guarantee

Ezoic Requirements: Ads and Minimum Traffic Requirements (Overview)

Ezoic offers an ad revenue guarantee to each website publisher. This guarantee states that any site that earns a higher EPMV (Earnings Per Thousand Visitors) with the same number of ads with Ezoic than with any other solution will be paid the difference in revenue plus an additional 25%.

The guarantee allows you to compare other ad networks to Ezoic, such as Mediavine, Adthrive, Monumetric, Adsense, etc, to find the platform that will make you the most money.

Regarding the Ezoic ads requirements to participate in this guarantee, your site must meet the following minimum criteria:

- Be online for more than 14 days.
- Must have more than 10000 visits per month.
- Earn more than $50 of monthly revenue.

If your site meets these ad and traffic requirements, you can visit this other page to read the full Ezoic revenue guarantee, which includes complete terms and conditions. You can also check out this Q&A guide to find out how much Ezoic pays per 1,000 pageviews, and how much AdSense pays per 1000 views?

Or if you want to get started with Ezoic today, then use my affiliate links below to sign up:

Join the Ezoic Access Now program: < 10000 monthly pageviews required

Join the Ezoic Standard program: > 10000 monthly pageviews required

Ezoic Requirements Summary

As you have discovered, the minimum traffic requirement by Ezoic has been removed for website publishers. It used to be 10000 pageviews per month for approval. However, every site owner must adhere to the strict Ezoic ads requirements to be accepted into the program and remain monetized with the platform. Overall, if your websites adhere to Google's publisher and Adsense policies, you will have no problem being approved by Ezoic to monetize your website.

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