Roofing Marketing: How To Boost Social Media for Roofing Companies

When used properly, social media can have a huge impact on your roofing business by generating roofing leads, driving targeted traffic, and improving your roofing SEO results.

We often hear from roofing contractors who are intimidated by social media or don't know how to operate in a virtual space that is becoming increasingly important when it comes to generating leads, referrals, and overall business reputation. To be successful in this space, entrepreneurs must be vigilant about creating or sharing content that not only engages the public but also sets them apart from the competition.

As a roofing contractor, you know that there will always be people who need help installing or repairing their roofs. That's a good thing because it means you'll never run out of potential customers.

But in order for those potential customers to find you, you need to have a fully optimized roofing marketing campaign.

Roofing Marketing: How To Boost Social Media for Roofing Companies

One way to do this is to take advantage of social media. The average user spends 27% of their internet time on social media, making it something of a goldmine for digital marketing. You don't want to miss out on this kind of opportunity.

But how do you make the most of social media for roofing businesses? Here are 11 roofing marketing ideas that will help you get results for your business through social media.

Read on to learn more.

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11 Ways To Boost Your Roofing Social Media

1. Publish photos and videos

Roofing Marketing: How To Boost Social Media for Roofing Companies

People have a tendency to quickly scroll through their social media feeds. So if you want to capture their attention, you need to harness the power of compelling visuals. And for that, nothing beats photos and videos.

Try to incorporate a photo or video into as many of your roofing social media posts as possible. But don't just use them as superficial elements. Take photos of your past and current projects to show off your handiwork and let users see how skilled you are.

As for videos, they have a wide range of potential uses, but one example would be to introduce users to your team through them. From time to time, you could post a video in which a member of your company shows users how to perform a simple do-it-yourself roofing task.

With apps like Facebook Live video, roofing contractors can showcase their work on various social networks in real-time. Showcase work you're proud of, unique projects, new safety initiatives, and distinctive details of each roofing project you've completed. Show projects from start to finish to give your customers a glimpse of the work you do. A customer may be more likely to choose your roofing company over a competitor if they can see the details of the work you have done in the past.

Be sure to include photos and/or videos with any blog post. If you're describing a particular roofing job, include any unique aesthetic aspects related to it. 

Don't be afraid to experiment with new social channels. You may find that uncommon platforms like Pinterest and Instagram can help you build your brand and showcase the work you've done while creating engagement with customers. You'll never know until you give it a try, so be flexible.

2. Use hashtags and mentions

Photos and videos are great for getting people's attention to your roofing business as they browse their news feed, but how do you get into their feed? A great way to get you in front of users who haven't met you yet is to use hashtags (#) and mentions (@).

When you're using a hashtag that people are searching for, it can draw their attention to you. For example, you can link to a new blog post on your website about roofing tips and use the Twitter hashtag #roofingtips.

At that point, anyone searching for that hashtag on Twitter will likely see your latest post. Not only might they follow you on social media, but they might visit your roofing website too!

Try to identify popular hashtags that are active in your roofing industry, such as #Roofing #Roofer. Also, be sure to "tag" other accounts that you want to alert. For example: 'Check out this article from @RoofContr' will send an alert to Roofing Contractor's Twitter account, which may even retweet you to their followers [*Note: when you type @[account name] for Facebook, it will automatically convert to highlight the page/account title you are tagging].

3. Interact with users

Roofing Marketing: How To Boost Social Media for Roofing Companies

The previous two roofing marketing ideas are fantastic, but only if you actually engage users. After all, this is social media. If you don't make an effort to be social, you're missing the point.

That's why it's important to interact with users on all the platforms through which you market your roofing services. If someone says something about your business or your roofing in general, leave a comment. If someone asks you a question, make sure you answer it.

When you respond to people in a timely manner and make them feel heard, it can help improve the public image of your roofing business.

4. Respond to reviews

Along the same lines as the previous point, sometimes people will leave reviews about your roofing services on social media. They may not be formal reviews with stars or similar, but you will definitely see people posting comments about their experience with your roofing company.

Hopefully, some of those reviews will be glowing recommendations. When you see them, don't just sit back and enjoy the sentiment - take the time to respond and tell them you appreciate their kind words.

And when the reviews aren't so glowing, it's even more important to respond. Leave public comments on negative reviews, offering to solve the problem the person encountered, and then send a private message to resolve the issue. Your customer service will be fine!

5. Roofing social media posts: Schedule your posts

As important as social media is for roofing businesses, you can't afford to devote all your time to it. However, you need to post content regularly to keep users engaged. So how do you do it?

The answer is this: you schedule your posts. Rather than having to log in every time you want to publish something, you can create your posts in advance and schedule them to be published at specific times.

Some platforms, like Facebook, allow you to do this via the platform itself. For other platforms, you can use social media management tools to perform the same function.

6. Update, reuse, and recycle

Roofing contractors who want to build their social presence need to update their content regularly. Create content that will inform and educate your followers. Actively seek out information that would be useful to your customers and put yourself in their shoes. What do they want to know or hear? What questions do they have about the roofing cycle? Don't forget to take the time to ask your followers about the type of content they're looking for, whether it's how-to roofing tutorials, helpful roofing tips, project profiles, or new roofing products you're using. In addition to creating fresh, new content, take your old content and give it new life. If the information provided is useful and timeless, use it to your advantage. Over time, methods change, and information can become stale, but by actively reusing old content, an updated version can be re-shared on social channels and generate new traffic. Many times, useful content is overlooked at the time of publication, so don't be afraid to update that content and re-share it on your social channels at a later date.   

7. Run contests and giveaways

People can skip your hashtags and photos if they want, but it's hard for anyone to resist a good giveaway. When you give people the chance to win something, they're bound to show up.

You can tap into this mentality when you run contests on your roofing social media pages. The prize can be anything from a gift basket to a free roofing job, as long as it gets your brand noticed.

If enough people see it, you can expect to gain new followers. When that happens, it doesn't matter who wins the prize, you will be the biggest winner of the contest.

8. Promote your roofing company and use CTAs

While the majority of the content you post should be useful information for your followers, don't forget that it's good to promote your roofing business from time to time. Be sure to incorporate these types of posts into your social media program. Remind your customers to go to your roofing website, share your posts with their own followers and follow your other social channels. Use posts with calls to action (CTAs) to let your Facebook followers know you are active on Twitter, or your Twitter followers know you are active on LinkedIn. Also make sure your information (address, phone number, email, etc.) is up to date on your social media channel profiles.

9. Keep an eye on your competitors, stay current and informed

They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer, and that old saying applies to social media. Your competitors are probably doing something you're not, or they may be doing the same things you are, only better. Keep an eye out. By watching your competitors, you can generate a lot of useful roofing content on topics you may not have thought of before. It's always good to see what others in your field are promoting and writing about, as it will likely give you ideas. Keep an eye on the different methods and channels used by your competitors. For example, your roofing company may not see the benefits of using a certain social platform, but your competitor may be using that channel and generating a lot of engagement and exposure.

Technology is constantly changing, and so is social media. Stay up to date and informed on current social trends. When spending time researching your competitors, be sure to incorporate research on new methods and developments to improve your roofing social media presence. 

10. Use sponsored posts

Roofing Marketing: How To Boost Social Media for Roofing Companies

So far, all of the roofing marketing ideas have focused on things you can include in your organic posts, but organic posts aren't your only option for roofing social media marketing. You can also use social media ads, especially sponsored posts, to attract users.

Sponsored posts basically involve you paying a fee to have some of your organic posts promoted to the top of people's social media feeds. This gives users the opportunity to see posts from you that they might not otherwise see.

Although they are paid for, social media advertising often proves effective enough, in the long run, to generate a significant return on investment (ROI), making it worthwhile.

11. Consistency is key

Your customers will learn to keep an eye on your updates, and users love consistent content. Plus, you don't want a potential customer to visit your roofing social media profile and see that you haven't updated since 2021. You're choosing to define your roofing company's image online, so make sure you entrust your social media presence to someone you trust and plan to post regularly. The volume will come later. It's far more effective to post once a week for four weeks than to post four times in one week and not post again for months.

Roofing Marketing Summary

When communicating with clients and potential clients on your roofing social media profile, display the personal side of your business, showing that you and the customer have common interests. Connecting with the customer is quite necessary for your roofing business to grow. Social media has helped many business owners connect with future customers, and we hope this blog has helped you as well.

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